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Recruitment position:Chemical technician
Number of recruits: 3-5 people Duty station: Room 2109, Block B, Wuyue Plaza, Danyang City
Job details:

Professional requirements: Related majors in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, fine chemicals, chemical engineering and technology
Academic requirements: Bachelor degree or above
Work experience: Undergraduate students 3 years or more, organic synthesis work experience, graduate students more than 1 year, organic synthesis work experience
Foreign language requirements: Proficiency in reading English or Japanese literature

If you meet the above description, we look forward to and welcome you to join us! Because the backbone of Ruiqing chemical is composed of a group of such people. Without you, you can't!
If you are interested in any position in the company, please contact us:
Contact: Manager Ge +86-511-86572559,18168598278
We will communicate with you one-on-one and keep in touch

Add: 2109, Block B, Wuyue Plaza, Danyang City
Postal Code: 212300 Contact: Manager Guo
Tel: +86-86913683 , 86572559
Fax: +86-511-86913683

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